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Who I am


I am passionate about educating people about personal finance.  I made the career change to financial services 10 years ago, because of my own personal experience. I was in the apparel business for 23 years, part of the family that founded the golf apparel company, Fairway & Greene. When we sold it to private investors in 2005,  I realized, at that moment,  I  knew very little about personal finance- especially my own. I decided then to make a career change to help educate and empower others to make healthy financial decisions - a knowledgeable skill I wish I had when I was younger! I left the apparel business and shortly thereafter, was hired my Morgan Stanley in Westport, CT. I then worked for a nationally known financial author and columnist.  My path then led me to Chief of Staff for an all female financial services firm. I was  responsible for financial educational outreach, marketing and client relations. I earned my  CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) designation in 2016. For four years, I ran a monthly 4-hour workshop in Southport,CT for women contemplating divorce, providing invaluable resourced donated by myself, local attorneys and family therapists.  I joined forces with Laurie Stefanowicz and Catamount Wealth Management (www.catmg.com) to be able to offer clients a consistent, caring, personal relationship for the long term. Catamount is a boutique, transparent fiduciary investment firm.  Laurie and I spend a lot of time educating the greater public on many financial topics all over Fairfield County. I work on on hourly fee of $175 per hour.

I have lived in Southport with my family for 25 years and have been involved in many different community and non-profit activities.

Why I love what I do


When I was helping run our family's apparel business, I never had a budget, never questioned what things cost, never second guessed dining out... and NEVER thought I would end up without a job and stock options I had no idea how to figure out? But that's what happened when our family business was acquired. I was scared and embarrassed about my lack of understanding about money, insurance, budgeting, etc.  But then  I met a really smart person who calmly and simply, walked me through everything "financial" in my life -  And she did it without ever making me feel stupid for not understanding the money basics necessary to living my life. I learned a lot of lessons during that time.   It was after many "A-ha" money moments, that  I decided I wanted to live a healthy financial life and teach and share with others the incredible things I had learned.  I realized I could help so many others... if they were willing to "let me in" to their most private "vault". And if they let me in, my own experience with money "basics" would allow me to help enlighten them!

I helped make golfers look good for years - including outfitting the 2004 Ryder Cup Team. But helping people understand their financial situation and taking ownership of it, is the most rewarding job. I LOVE what I do - helping empower people to manage their financial life and giving them the tools to make it possible. I can help.  YOU just have to be willing to let me in. We can get to "the other side" together...I promise.

What you can expect working with me


I'm a no BS person who wears her heart on her sleeve. I  have the experience, skills, passion, integrity & empathy to help you get through whatever is troubling you about money so you have a clear understanding of what you have, what you need, and what you want. I was lucky to have met that person who helped me 10 years ago and that's why I am doing this work today.   Whether you need divorce planning, financial planning, or investment planning,I can help you. 

I offer a complimentary 1 hour consultation. If, after our initial meeting you decide I can help you, my rate is $175/hr. 

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Traci Provost, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


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I am available by email or phone most hours of the day - email me at traciprovost@optonline.net or call me. I will get back to you within 8 hours if I am unavailable.